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21 October 2011


I am currently reading another Margaret Atwood novel -- The Blind Assassin. I am in a bit over 100 pages. Once again, Atwood layers the present by way of the past. In this novel we have the now -- the daily life of Iris (Chase) Griffen who is recounting the story of her childhood with her sister Laura. Included are other chapters of an anonymous woman's assignations with a man who orally tells her the story of the blind assassin. Interspersed are press releases about the Chase family and other events that occurred during the 1930's. We see the (maybe) downfall of this prestigious Canadian family -- but it is too early (especially with Atwood) to tell!

I plan to order Ondaatje's The Cat's Table, Julian Barne's Sense of an Ending, and for just plain fun and a theatrical lift, The Night Circus for November reading.

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