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11 October 2011

Alias Grace unformed thoughts

Whatever may have happened through these year,
God knows I speak truth, saying that you lie.
--William Morris,
“The Defense of Guenevere.” (beginning the novel)

“Perhaps,” says Simon, “we are also -- preponderantly -- what we forget.”
“If you are right,” says Reverend Verringer, “what becomes of the soul? We cannot be mere patchworks!...” (406)

Lying/ How do you tell the truth?/ quilt patterns/quilt piecing
Sir Walter Scott/ Lady of the Lake/ dark Romanticism/quotations from Morris/
Insane asylum/being female/being an attractive female

the darker side of quilting/piecing/art/communication/
storytelling/the stories other people want to hear/storytelling and performativity

Scottish uprising and aftermath of that and the misspelling of name McDermott to Macdermot

Rachel/gratitude/Jamie/forgiveness -- role playing
Grace’s last quilt with the snakes/ the three triangles

So with this Earthly Paradise it is,
If ye will read aright, and pardon me,
Who strive to build a shadowy isle of bliss
Midmost the beating of the steely sea,
Where tossed about all hearts of men must be...
--William Morris,
The Earthly Paradise

The imperfect is our paradise.
--Wallace Stevens,
“The Poems of our Climate,” 1938 (taken from beginning chapter xv: The Tree of Paradise)

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